Todd Phillips may have a new Hangover in Thailand to look forward to, but his latest chumedy (I hate the word ‘bromance’) clearly owes a lot to the surprise hit of last year, and it’s not just the presence of Zach Galifiankis.

This time it’s not a wedding, but the birth of a child that sets what looks to be a crazy road trip in motion, with Robert Downey Jr. having to accept a lift from the dog carrying Galifianakis in order to make it on time to see his offspring (which really should be called MacGuffin, girl or boy) enter the world.

Yahoo have birthed this new poster out into the void, and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to deliver it to you good people. While the premise doesn’t sound too inspiring the talent in front of the camera should make it a well told, if a little tired, tale.

There’s a trailer of sorts to enjoy, and you can see that right here.

Here’s the poster, in every little bit of its glory.