It seems like increasing amounts of forward planning are going into the development arcs of comic book franchises these days. Hot on the heels of the announcement earlier this week that WB are already looking at the post-Nolan future of Batman, Marvel are looking to line up a writer for 2013’s Iron Man 3.

It seems unlikely that IM3 will be in a position to start shooting much before this time next year, however Drew Pearce is already being considered to take on script duties. We know that Kiss Kiss Bang Bang director and Lethal Weapon/Last Boy Scout writer Shane Black will take the helm for IM3, although it is a shame to see Marvel already looking beyond him for scripting duties.

Drew Pearce has some TV writing under his belt, most notably UK series “No Heroics” about a bunch of super heroes who hang around in a bar and attend support groups. One genuinely mirth-some moment found a slightly rotund man dressed up as a mantis confessing to his support group that he had been occasionally nick-named “Praying Man-tits”. Although word is that Pearce has been offered the gig off the back of his work on Marvel’s new project “Runaways” about children of super-villains using their powers for good, he still seems a bit of an unknown for a pretty prestigious project.

Pearce is said to be “in talks”, with the plan being that he will work closely with Black during script development. Presumably a lot of effort will also be ploughed into fitting in with the events of The Avengers, which is due to start shooting soon for its release next summer.

Source: Deadline.

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