2012 could well be remembered as the year of the comic book movie, with both Marvel Avenger’s Assemble and The Dark Knight Rises storming box offices worldwide, gaining much critical acclaim in the process.

With somewhat less hype (and budget…) however, comes Dredd 3D – based on the comic book series Judge Dredd, and we were fortunate enough to catch up with the Judge himself Karl Urban ahead of the film’s September 7th release.

The New Zealand born star has been in a host of Hollywood blockbusters, making appearances in both Star Trek and the Lord of the Ring trilogy – and now, clad in a metal suit, he takes on the role of Judge Dredd – a commanding law enforcement officer patrolling the streets of the violent and futuristic city Mega City One, in Pete Travis’ engrossing action thriller.

Urban discusses working alongside Travis as well as his own admiration for the comic book series of which this film is based upon. He also tells us of the pressure in taking on such a role, whilst letting us in on whether he was allowed to keep his helmet or not…