Well look no further, as The Wrap have given us a looks at what’s happening at Paramount Pictures.  Although Paramount states that the email was not official, it does contain both accurate and inaccurate information which I happen to agree with.

This list, which you can see below, is something anyone can pull off of IMDB Pro so for someone to get excited about this email and making it an exclusive is beyond me, good marketing tactics I guess.  There are a few extra details which have spilled onto the inter-webs at random points in time but others which we cannot guarantee 100% validity.  Anyway, I have selected a few choice movies that you guys can get excited about and then you can peruse the rest of the list yourself.

  • Zoolander 2-Justin Thereaux is apparently writing this but Stiller has been going back and forth with this.  If it comes to fruition that would be amazing.
  • The Dictator-Sacha Baron Cohen is to play both a deposed foreign dictator and a goat herder who get lost in the US.  The script is very close to being finished.
  • Star Trek-The film is currently being written so expect it to begin pre-production and followed by regular production next year.
  • Triple Frontier-The next Kathryn Bigelow (Hurt Locker) film is potentially starring Will Smith, Sean Penn, Javier  Bardem and Christian Bale.  She has met with all of these actors but the question remains, will they all be featured in the film?  Expect the film to begin production at the end of 2010, beginning of 2011.

Here is the rest of the list courtesy of The Wrap

The Wrap Paramount in Development List