New-Bad-Robot-logoToday in Las Vegas at CinemaCon Disney gave us the clearest indication of their plans for the cinematic future George Lucas’s Star Wars universe.

According to Coming Soon they have promised one Star Wars movie each year comprising the new trilogy of Episodes VII, VIII and IX as well as the oft-rumoured character based spin off movies. JJ Abrams is directing Michael Arndt’s script for Episode VII which is due in cinemas in the summer of 2015.

Yoda, Han Solo and everyone’s favourite bounty hunter Boba Fett are lining up as likely candidates for their own movie, though if this is an exceptionally profitable strategy you can imagine all sorts of characters being rounded up and thrust centre stage.

This is not exactly a huge surprise to many Star Wars fans (who, oddly, don’t have a collection term) and as we are seeing with Disney’s handling of the various strands of the Marvel universe it points the way for an expanded cinematic universe with the baton passing from old to new in the form of the new trilogy.

More news is expected soon, and this rumour mill will surely soon have to be upgraded to an industrial sized rumour complex to deal with the forthcoming onslaught of casting rumours, character confirmation, teasers, trailers, tv spots… Are you sure you all want more Star Wars?

My main problem is that this is the sort of news I would have loved to have happened when I was growing up with the Original Trilogy, now I’m not so sure. Can I just say that I’ve got an indistinct feeling about this?