At Gamescom yesterday Disney Infinity was available to play on the show floor. This gave the first look at in-game content for the Ultron and Hulkbuster Marvel characters.

There will be a new Marvel playset for the game, although whether this will focus on Ant Man or Age of Ultron is currently unconfirmed.

Also on show was more content from the Star Wars play sets. In particular the Rise Against the Empire portion, that covers Episodes IV-VI, showed off Ewok game-play. Various missions were available to play, best off all was one disguising en Ewok with a Storm Trooper helmet before catapulting him to spy on the Empire.

Finally the Speeder Bike section of the play-set tasked players with finding and then riding the icon mount through the trees of Endor.

With this new Marvel and Star Wars content Disney Infinity 3.0 is shaping up nicely this year.