class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-43092″ title=”Delicatessen Blu-ray” src=”×300.jpg” alt=”” width=”231″ height=”231″ />Another jewel in the crown of the Studio Canal Collection of Blu-rays released today is Marc Caro and Jean Pierre Jeunet’s surrealistic masterpiece, Delicatessen.

As with others in the collection the film is a classic of its time and genre, and I can well remember seeing this playing in a double bill with Terry Gilliam’s Brazil and feeling the sense of excitement and discovery on seeing the film, and nineteen years have done nothing to diminish Delicatessen’s strange taste.

Set in an apartment building in the eerie dawn of a post apocalyptic France, the landlord rules over the tenants (and food supply) with a troubling menace and when the latest inhabitant arrives and promptly falls in love with his daughter the balance of power starts to turn against him.

Throw in a renegade vegetarian militia, an iconic sex scene, some truly amazing cinematographer and masterfully twisted logic and you’ve got an incredible enjoyable film, worthy of its reputation. Fans of Amelie would do well to dive into its creator’s past work and this is where their first step should fall. It’s a beautiful nightmare, unforgettable.

Studio Canal treat their Collection subjects with great respect and an avid curiosity which brings out the best accompanying features and along with the requisite trailers and enlightening commentary tracks there’s an excellent making of and look into the archives of the director which brings up some amazing footage from the shoot.

It’s a triumph, and the film itself is always worth a recommendation and this Blu-ray is the best way to experience the delicacies of Jeunet and Caro. Now, if they’d only get around to giving Jeunet & Caro’s next film, the sublime City of Lost Children…

Special Features:
– Making of
– Trailer
– Teaser
– Main course Pieces
– Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Audio Commentary
– Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Archives

Delicatessen is out today. Treat yourself.