It’s been a big day for casting news today, hot of the press comes a new addition to the highly anticipated Deadpool 2 with Josh Brolin landing the role of Cable, a role which has been hotly coveted by a number of actors wanting to get in on the unconventional non-superhero bandwagon.

Speculation has been rife since Deadpool hit screens last year where audiences were treated to a post-credits sting which showed Cable would be featuring in its future sequel. Actors such as Brad Pitt, Russell Crowe and even Michael Shannon have been linked to play Cable (who, in the comics is classed as an anti-hero), Wade Wilson aka Deadpool’s nemesis, The development in dropping Brolin’s name has been a shocking surprise to many. Could the leaking of the other names attached have been a red herring all along?

Josh Brolin cast as Cable in Deadpool 2

Reportedly filming is due to start on the Deadpool sequel in Vancouver in June which doesn’t give Brolin, who will join a returning Reynolds on set alongside Hildebrand who will be reprising her role as Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Zazie Beetz as Domino, much breathing space after his appearance as Thanos in another Marvel picture, Avengers: Infinity War which is due for a 2018 release. It has also been reported that Brolin joins on a four-movie deal.

Cable’s character is a complete contrast to Deadpool, he has been described as a man who is a leader and used to being obeyed, who is very controlled but with an aura of simmering violence. In the comics, Cable was from the future and was the adult of Scott Summers, also known as the X-Man Cyclops.

Brolin hasn’t been letting the grass grow beneath his feet, in 2017 alone he is due to appear in the Stefano Sollima helmed drama Soldado, Joseph Kosinki’s Granite Mountain opposite Jennifer Connelly and Miles Teller and Jody Hill’s The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter.