David MorrisseyThe latest episode of The Walking Dead debuted on US TV a few days ago to record viewing figures ahead of the show’s return to UK screens later this week.

The show entered a new phase with the introduction David Morrissey’s Governor of Woodbury, ostensibly a safe haven from the never ending horde of the undead and now a man on a collision course with Rick Grimes.

We spoke to Morrissey earlier in the week and asked him if was interested in returning to directing following his 2009 film Don’t Worry About Me and now some news comes to light that the return may be closer than we thought.

The actor, who plays The Governor in the third season of the hit US TV show, revealed his desire to get behind the camera during an interview with Getty Image’s Entertainment Video in London.

He’s confirmed: “I would love to do it.

“I have to say though that being on the show in any capacity is a buzz for me. I do love it down there so if they asked me to make to make the tea I would do that.

“But yeah, I would love to direct it.”

When asked about if anything can be read into the fact he has apparently has a five year deal with the show, he said: “You can read into that that I have a five year deal!

“I mean the great thing about the show is that no-one is safe. We’re not doing a Star Trek show where the three main characters beam down with one guy you’ve never seen before so you know he’s gonna get killed… they, the people behind the show, will kill the fan’s favourite characters and their leading characters so…”

Getty Image’s Entertainment Video then asked David when he and the cast find out what happens to their characters.

He revealed: “When we get the scripts… each script comes and we just all go into our trailers and read it and then come out and breath a sigh of relief… or not… but I like that… it adds to the insecurity… it adds to the world and creates the world you are in.”