In quite possibly the best ident of all time, we’ve managed to get this video from a galaxy far far away where Darth Vader quite frankly gives every one of us an order!! In no uncertain terms, he tells you that you need to go and pre-order Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) before it’s release on 12th September.

You can pre-order the box set here and see all our coverage of all things Star Wars here. Don’t forget, for those of you who pre-order the movie, you’ll also be entitled to your very own Limited Edition Star Wars® film cell.

The limited edition Star Wars Sentiype™ contains a unique 35mm film frame reproduced from the original film footage using state-of-the-art imaging and printing techniques. The film frame is mounted and features original artwork from the Star Wars Blu-ray collection. Each senitype™ is numbered for authenticity.

The Senitype is only available to those that Pre-Order The Complete Saga on Blu-ray. One limited edition Star Wars Senitype™ will be sent to all persons that have already pre-ordered The Complete Saga on Blu-ray. You can find out more on the UK’s official Star Wars page.

Now, watch the video below for the direct message from Lord Vader himself and then click here to see the rest of our epic Star Wars coverage.

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Star Wars BD Packshot
Star Wars BD Packshot - Film Cell
Star Wars BD Packshot - Film Cell
Star Wars BD Packshot with Senitype