I never thought that Harry Potter and Twilight would end up in the same post but the creators of The Simpsons have given us the opportunity we hear news that the Halloween episode of The Simpsons will feature Daniel Radcliffe as an Edward (Robert Pattinson) parody!

The news comes from MovieLine via Vulture along with a rather nice image of what ‘Edmund’ is going to look like! No news if Bella (Kristen Stewart) or Jacob (Taylor Lautner) will appear but according to Vulture Radcliffe will play:

“A sullen teenage vampire named Edmund.”

They go on to tell us that Lisa falls madly in love with Edmund! Should be a great episode which will air November 7th.

Radcliffe will star in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 which will be released November 19th (but not in 3d!)