Dakota Fanning recently made us all feel old when she took on a role in The Runaways, and her turn in the various Twilight films clearly impressed Summit so much that she is in talks with the studio to star in a supernatural drama

Variety have this as a synopsis,

Story revolves around a musician, who’d be played by Fanning, and her boyfriend, a rising star in the indie rock world. Already faced with a choice between her art and her relationship, she is forced to make a harder choice between life and death after being involved in a fatal car accident.

Brazilian director Heitor Dhalia, whose 2009 film À Deriva played well at Cannes last year, took the reins from original Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke who has a date in the woods with Red Riding Hood, and will be directing the Shauna Cross script, adapted from Gayle Forman’s novel.

Speaking to ScreenCrave Whip It screenwriter Cross had this to say of the project,

I’m adapting a book that’s called “If I Stay”…and we’re just about to get it cast. It’s a pretty special little project. It’s kind of… there’s a anedge to it, and it’s funny, but it’s heartbreaking and it’s a little Lovely Bones-esq.

There’s definitely a lot of humor in there but it’s definitely more dramatic than I’ve been before. It’s been an amazing experience, it’s an incredible story.

Then offered her take on the story,

It sounds kind of odd but basically it’s about a young women who gets in a terrible car accident with her family and it follows the 24 hours of her, outside of her body in a coma, that she sort of looks out at her life and sees the fall out that happens to everyone in the car accident and she basically has a choice of whether to live or die given the tragedy.

The thing is — and it sounds so intense and crazy — but the real story and what’s all inbetween is the most crazy and incredible — her parents are these punk rock bad-asses that she’s in the car with and it’s kind of a really fun, offbeat family in the middle of this insanity.

Sounds good right? Yes, I’m ignoring the bit about it being like The Lovely Bones.