Daisy Ridley is heading to the future as the star is set to appear futuristic thriller Mind Fall.

The story is said to take place in near-future London, where the most sought-after drug on the black market is memories, physically removed from one person’s brain and implanted into another’s using a new illegal technology.

Ridley will play the role of top trafficker Ardis Varnado removes the memories of those looking to make quick money before reselling them. When accused of murdering one of her clients Ridley’s character turns detective to find the real killer.

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La Haine filmmaker Mathieu Kassovitz will direct a script from The Imitation Games Graham Moore. John Graham is also producing for Studio 8.

The Star Wars actress was most recently seen in the fantasy pic Chaos Walking alongside Tom Holland. She will also star in Neil Burger’s The Marsh King’s Daughter, which is currently in production.

French filmmaker and actor Kassovitz is best known for directing the iconic feature ‘La Haine’ and starring in movies such as ‘Amelie.’ The film will mark his first directorial position in a decade and his third English-Language movie.