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Community Cast
Community Season 4 is released on DVD this week alongside the Season 1-4 boxset, and to celebrate we’re testing the knowledge of all you Community fans with this Community 101 quiz. We’ve trawled through all four seasons of the show to put together 101 questions – at least one on every single episode! – about one of the finest sitcoms to have aired on televisions over the last decade. The questions are split up by season, and you’ll find all of the answers (complete with a bit of extra Community trivia for each) on the last page.

Good luck!


Season One

1) Pilot: Which John Hughes movie is referenced throughout the Pilot?

a) Pretty in Pink
b) Sixteen Candles
c) The Breakfast Club
d) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

2) Spanish 101: Which of the following lines does not appear in Troy and Abed’s ‘Spanish Rap’?

a) Los bigotes de la cabra es Luis Guzman.
b) Manteca, bigote, gigante, pequeño.
c) Donde, esta, la biblioteca?
d) Yea boi. Boi. Yea. What. It’s 2009. Word.

3) Introduction to Film: What type of food is served at Abed’s family’s restaurant?

a) Frozen yoghurt
b) Rice dishes
c) Pizza
d) Falafel

4) Social Psychology: What does Troy hope will be involved with Annie’s psychology experiment?

a) Monkeys
b) Butt stuff
c) Nudity
d) Candy

5) Advanced Criminal Law: Which Greendale student appears for the first time in this episode, swimming nude in the pool?

a) Magnitude
b) Leonard
c) Star-Burns
d) Garrett

6) Football, Feminism and You: What did the Greendale Human Beings used to be known as?

a) Greendale Grizzlies
b) Greendale Guzmans
c) Greendale Greens
d) Greendale Community College Football Players

7) Introduction to Statistics: What is the name of the Statistics teacher who Jeff pursues in this episode?

a) Professor Edison
b) Professor Hood
c) Professor Stamile
d) Professor Slater

8) Home Economics: Who writes the songs entitled ‘Getting Rid of Britta’ and ‘Pierce, You’re a B’?

a) Jeff
b) Professor Duncan
c) Vaughn
d) Pierce

9) Debate 109: Who do Jeff and Annie defeat in the debate?

a) The Air Conditioning Repair School
b) Shirley and Britta
c) City College
d) Vicky and Neil

10) Environmental Science: Troy and Abed name their rat after a character in which movie?

a) An American Tail
b) Ratatouille
c) The Secret of Nimh
d) The Rescuers

11) The Politics of Human Sexuality: What is the slogan of the Greendale STD Fair?

a) Stop Transmitting Diseases
b) Keep the thumb in the turtleneck
c) Protect and Serve
d) Catch Knowledge

12) Comparative Religion: Which of the following religions is not represented in the study group?

a) Buddhism
b) Sikhism
c) Atheism
d) Judaism

13) Investigative Journalism: Jack Black cameos in this episode as Buddy. Who also cameos as a member of his new study group?

a) Ben Stiller
b) Luke Wilson
c) Owen Wilson
d) Will Ferrell

14) Interpretive Dance: What style of dance is Britta learning?

a) Tap
b) Modern
c) Ballroom
d) Ballet

15) Romantic Expressionism: What do Troy and Abed shoot their own fan video for?

a) Kickpuncher
b) Inspector Spacetime
c) Cougar Town
d) Cougarton Abbey

16) Communication Studies: Which of the following does Professor Slater not refer to Britta by?

a) Bitter
b) Batter
c) Beetlejuice
d) Butter

17) Physical Education: What word does Britta pronounce incorrectly?

a) Burglar
b) Bachelor
c) Biblioteca
d) Bagel

18) Basic Genealogy: What are the names of Shirley’s children?

a) Malcolm and Jamal
b) Joe and Anthony
c) Elijah and Jordan
d) Moses and David

19) Beginner Pottery: Who plays the pottery instructor, Professor Holly?

a) David Cross
b) Tony Hale
c) Will Arnett
d) Jason Bateman

20) The Science of Illusion: Who is the first guest on ‘Troy and Abed in the Morning’?

a) Jeff
b) Star-Burns
c) Senor Chang
d) Dean Pelton

21) Contemporary American Poultry: What is the name of the monkey who plays Annie’s Boobs?

a) Brie
b) Christopher
c) Crystal
d) Alison

22) The Art of Discourse: Which of the following is not on Abed’s ‘Quintessential College Experiences’ list?

a) Steal a rival school’s mascot
b) Take on the school bully
c) Bond with a group of lovable misfits
d) Attend a toga party

23) Modern Warfare: What is the prize for winning the Paintball Assassin competition?

a) Priority Registration
b) $100,000
c) Early Graduation
d) A year’s supply of chicken fingers

24) English as a Second Language: What manual skill does Troy discover an aptitude for in this episode?

a) Air Conditioning Repair
b) Plastering
c) Carpentry
d) Plumbing

25) Pascal’s Triangle Revisited: Who of the following was not a Tranny Queen candidate?

a) Danielle Harmon
b) Britney Baker
c) Professor Slater
d) Britta Perry

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