At Comic-Con this past weekend, Warner Bros. Pictures took the opportunity to introduce audience members to the new and improved Godzilla. Attendees were not only treated to a T-shirt with the new image of Godzilla, but they were able to see a superimposed animation of Godzilla breathing fire, complete with his trademark roar.

The newly designed Godzilla was created by Talking Dog Studios and is to be used in Warner Bros. Pictures’ re-boot of the franchise, tentatively set to be released in 2012. At present, no director or cast are attached.

It’ll be interesting to see what Warner Bros. Pictures do this time, and if they learn from the mistakes made by Roland Emmerich in his 1998 film version. Expect more details to be released once this film enters production.

Check out the images of the newly re-vitalised Godzilla below, courtesy of Comingsoon:

And if you’re wondering what that symbol in the top corner is, let Bleeding Cool show you way…