We’ve finally be given the official word on the status of the much rumoured big screen adaptation of David Mitchell’s celebrated 2004 novel Cloud Altas, with directors and a star name attached.

The film will go into production, according to Deadline’s report,  in September of this year with The Wachowskis and Tom Twyker on board to direct. This confirms the rumours that were floating around last August when Natalie Portman (who was connected with the project at one point) talked about Twyker and The Wachowskis teaming up to write and direct.

With a movie as highly anticipated as this Warner Bros have enlisted the services of Tom Hanks to lead the film, though the rising star of James McAvoy, who was also rumoured to be attached, hasn’t been named in the report. The novel’s complex narrative spans thousands of years with stories being told to connect and affect the people who tell them. It’s a huge undertaking if a faithful adaptation is on the cards, and with Hanks on board this film will be as high profile as they come.