So, despite a turgid script and mind punchingly bad 3D, an almost total lack of character Clash of the Titans is being given a sequel, and some small details are starting to emerge from the Warner Bros production.

Director Louis Leterrier will not return to direct the sequel, which his film took great pains to suggest was coming our way (including the awkward, shoehorned in scene at the end) and it is expected Sam Worthington and Gemma Arterton will remain shackled to the project, and shooting will begin when schedules allow.

The LA Times report that the name being bandied around for direction of the sequel is the man behind the Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, Jonathan Liebesman, whose 2009 The Killing Room wasn’t a bad stab at confined psychological horror. We’re currently waiting to see more of Liebesman’s next project, the alien invasion actioner, Battle: Los Angeles.

Noteworthy also is the, not totally unexpected, news that 3D is the way to go with the next film, and that it will be shot in 3D as opposed to the terribly handled post production of the first – not that it suffered at all, making a Kraken sized haul at the box office.