Chuck Norris Splits

We’ve already seen parody versions of the Jean Claude Van Damme Volvo advert but this has to be the best so far! Van Damme took on a challenge by Volvo to do the splits between two moving trucks to demonstrate how great they are at handling. Channing Tatum then took his parody to a new level using tea-trays to conduct his splits with catastrophic results and now it’s the turn of Chuck Norris to do it between two giant aircraft wings to promote digital animation company DelovDigital.

Tatum Van Damme Trucks

It’s a brilliantly silly video but well worth your time to watch.We’ve no idea if this is Norris approved by if it isn’t, it should be!

Van Damme Original

Channing Tatum Parody

Thansk to Mashable for the heads up.