Yes, I know, the Batmobile was wrecked in TDK, but they’ll probably build him a new one for the latest film. Anyway, I suppose this doesn’t qualify as a huge shock, given that Christopher Nolan seems to have always had no more than a three film arc in mind when he first breathed new (and desperately needed) life into the Batman saga. Bale has confirmed that:-

“unless Chris (Nolan) says different, this will be the last time I’m playing Batman. Until Chris tells me, I don’t believe it. It’s gotta be from his mouth, or else I don’t really know.”
While promoting The Fighter Bale also told MTV that he knew very little about the plot for The Dark Knight Rises, which makes sense given that none of the cast will apparently see the script until the new year:-

‘Chris will let me know what I need to know when I need to know it. I probably know a little bit more than some other people out there, but I think most people would be surprised at how little I do know. It just hasn’t been necessary yet. I know he’ll give me plenty of time to prepare for whatever I need to, and I’ll discover it. He’s a pretty damn good filmmaker. I trust that he’s going to come up with something wonderful.

Yes indeed, Nolan is a pretty good filmmaker, although clearly also one who plays his cards pretty close to his chest. What are Warner Bros or any of the cast going to say though? After the critical acclaim and commercial success of Memento, Batman Begins, The Prestige, TDK and Inception it seems that all concerned are happy to trust Nolan completely. Well they should.

Source: Total Film.

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    Let’s start a Chris Nolan Batman4 Campaign
    O.k. so I was thinking that we as fans of the Chris Nolan Batman franchise do not want to see another interpretation of Bruce Wayne unless he’s much older(TDKR). No, so I was thinking lets start a campaign to show our love and support for Chris Nolan and what he is doing for the Batman franchise expressing our interest in keeping Chris Nolan, his brother and David S. Goyer on Batman films at least the next ones to come after The Dark Knight Rises.I was thinking a T-Shirt Campaign and a petition maybe on facebook.

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