Chris-Tucker-and-Jackie-Chan-in-Rush-HourThere’s been talk of Rush Hour 4 here and there for the past five years, and with Chris Tucker returning to the big screen for the first time since the 2007 release of Rush Hour 3 in David O. Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook, talk of a fourth instalment has surfaced once more.

Tucker recently spoke to E! at an LA screening of Russell’s latest film, and was reportedly confident that a fourth movie will be happening.

““It’s going to be a lot of fun… I hope it happens. We need to do one more.””

With three films and almost $850m. in the bank from the box office alone, the Rush Hour film series has been one of my favourite in recent memory, kicking off a brilliant partnership between Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker on screen, with Brett Ratner at the helm for all three.

And after a five-year absence, I’d love to see them back on the big screen for one final outing.

Chan and Tucker have a brilliant on-screen chemistry that is so rarely seen, with the East-West relationship and cultural clashes making for a perfect comedy that you just don’t see with the majority of all-American, or at best all-Western (we British folk pop up here and there), casts.

Chan has made his intentions clear over recent years that he would be focusing more and more on stronger dramatic performances and shying away from the action he is best-known for – one need only watch Shinjuku Incident, for instance, to see how incredible a dramatic actor Chan is – with Chinese Zodiac reportedly set to be his final action venture.

But given his history with the franchise, I’m personally really hoping that he could be persuaded to return for another Rush Hour film. Producer Arthur Sarkissian has spoken of a potential fourth film taking things in a different direction, and I’d love to see how that would pan out. Here’s to hoping that we’ll have some more concrete news on the project soon. We do need them to do one more.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy the (not suitable for work) bloopers from the first film.

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