Robert Rodriguez is a man of many talents, and after turning a fake trailer into a fully-fledged film with Machete, he’s been assembling a fantastic cast in recent months for the first of two expected sequels, Machete Kills (to be followed by Machete Kills Again)

Principal photography began on 11th June, and now we’ve got our first look at one of its female stars, Sofía Vergara (Modern Family), on set, as well as the news from the writer-director’s own mouth (/Twitter) that Charlie Sheen has been cast as the President of the United States.

“The second film in the Machete trilogy finds Machete mourning the loss of his beloved Sartana, slain during a run in with the cartels. Machete is recruited by the President of the United States for a mission which would be impossible for any mortal man. Machete must battle his way through Mexico to take down a cartel leader, Mendez the Madman, who threatens to fire a missile on the US. Machete foils Mendez’s plot only to find that the missiles are remote wired to and triggered by the madman’s still beating heart. The only man who can disarm the missile is eccentric billionaire arms dealer, Luther Voz, who has hatched a plan of his own to spread war across the planet with a weapon in space. Machete takes on Voz and his army in order dismantle his master plan for global anarchy.”

Danny Trejo will be reprising his role as the eponymous Machete, supported by a stellar cast of new and familiar faces alike, including Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, Amber Heard, Demián Bichir, and Mel Gibson.

No word yet on when we can expect to see it on the big screen, but with plans for Sin City 2 to go into production pretty much as soon as Machete Kills wraps, I’d say we may be seeing them both in the second half of 2013. Rodriguez fans have a great year to look forward to.


Sofia Vergara on WhoSay


Sofia Vergara on WhoSay

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