AICN have themselves a scoop here – four detailed renderings of the updating of one of the most iconic comic book costumes of all time – none other than Captain America.

After a casting session to rival those conducted by Simon Cowell it was Chris Evans who was confirmed as the man to fill the costumer of The First Avenger in the Joe Johnston Marvel movie, and while the wheels for the Avengers movie are being greased by the likes of Thor and Iron Man 2 it is Captain America’s return to the big screen that many are interested in.

The images were obtained by AICN, then confirmed by Joblo, and we now have a look at the slightly updated look of our costumed character, which doesn’t veer too wildly from the original, but it was never really going to was it?

Here’s a sneak peek, head on over to AICN for the full monty.

And for comparison here’s an original CapAM Cossie.