So, a whole assortment of comic book characters are out of the blocks and the reviews and numbers are coming in.

Critically speaking, Thor and X-Men: First Class seem to have fared best, with Green Lantern taking a bit of a pounding. Commercially, Thor has done pretty well ($430m+ so far), X-Men is closing in on $300m (with no 3D uplift and having been out for less time than Thor so far) and Green Lantern posted an impressive $50m+ opening weekend in the US. Whether those savage reviews will send it tumbling down the charts before long, only time will tell.

Next into the fray? The First Avenger himself, Captain America. Before they sorted out the silly wings on his mask he looked a bit daft, but now he seems to look okay. Whether Chris Evans’ considerable charisma can help compensate for the fact that Captain America is a less well known Marvel character, we will have to see.

Ryan Reynolds should have been able to rescue Green Lantern from some of its ridiculousness and pomposity, but it wound up a little po-faced when it should have enjoyed some of Thor’s humour and silliness. Will Captain America get the tone right, or will it fail to engage us?

After all of that speculation and philosophising, here are some concept stills as well as a couple of on set shots, to help get you further in the mood for Joe Johnston’s film, which gets its release on 22nd July in the US and 29th July here in Blighty.


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