The Street Fighter franchise will be turning 25 on August 30th and by way of celebration Capcom is launching a brand new fan art competition.

From now until May 4th fans of Street Fighter are invited to submit their work to the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Art Tribute page, fans can submit anything from drawings to paintings, digital artwork or photos of physical pieces of work such as sculptures, all the piece has to do is convey one of two themes either “25 years of history” or “I am Street Fighter”

Its not just artwork that Capcoms looking for either, with musical fans of the franchise able to upload their audio offerings to the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Music Tribute page. The two musical categories are remixes, either sampled from existing themes or fully remade with a new flair or instrument and fully original songs, inspired by the Street Fighter series in some way, either through theme, lyrics, or some other aspect.

Capcom has said that selected pieces from both categories are to be “used in an official category later on” there have also been hints that the 25 year celebrations will give a chance for Street Fighters to prove themselves in an as of yet unannounced Street Fighter Tournament.

So think you have the skills to have your work chosen head over to to submit your artwork  or go to to show off your musical offerings.