Bruce Willis in a Bathrobe - Red 2

After the now infamous interview with Magic FM for their movie Red 2, it was with apprehension that our friend James Kleinmann interviewed Bruce Willis and his co-star Mary Louise Parker for their new movie Red 2. Somewhere between the interview with Magic and James’ interview, Bruce decided to put on a bathrobe (maybe prompted by a recent Sky Broadband advert!) while conducting the interview and fine he looks too!

James asks about how the movie has changed since the first film, how the relationship has changed between both Bruce and Mary-Louise characters and what it was like filming right here in London. They talk about working in England with the unpredictable weather and working with series newcomer Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta Jones and Helen Mirren. The bathrobe is never mentioned in the interview but Bruce seems rather comfortable wearing it and James, like a pro is never phased!

Red 2 is released this Friday 2nd August and you can see our interviews from the premiere with the cast and filmmakers here.