Both Trekkies and (now thanks to the release of last year’s geek/mainstream crossover prequel) non-Trekkies alike will be interested to read that Bruce Greenwood (Captain Pike), had this to say to at a premiere this week, when he was asked about the shooting of the next film:

I just know that the plan is to film it in January, more than that, I don’t know.”

His reply as to whether he’d make an appearance was less certain:

“I’m hustling for it…we’ll see…”

The character of Captain Pike appeared initially in the first series of Star Trek in the 60’s, but as last year’s film introduced the idea of a new alternative timeline, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Greenwood’s involvement is guaranteed.

It would be a shame if he didn’t crop up in again as he was a strong and welcome addition in the reboot, adding a bit of gravitas to the proceedings.

Still, at least now with a tentative start time for production and  a summer 2012 release scheduled, there is the knowledge that we’ll have a quality product when that stardate comes around!