We’ve all had friends who have run the marathon. Our reactions generally range from feeling smug that we didn’t have to go through it, and envious at their sense of personal achievement. But for director Paul Downs Colaizzo, he saw cinematic potential, and from this came Brittany Runs a Marathon, starring Jillian Bell in the eponymous lead role – and we had the joy of interviewing them both to celebrate this charming indie production.

They discuss the inspiration for the film, and how inspired they are by people like Brittany. They comment on the challenges on shooting at the actual marathon, the detrimental side effects of social media, and whether they’d be open to exploring the character of Brittany again in the future. Lastly, Bell speaks briefly about her experience working on Bill and Ted 3.

Watch the full interview below:


A hard-partying woman receives a startling wake-up call when a visit to the doctor reveals how unhealthy she is. Motivated to lose weight, she soon takes up running to help her prepare for her ultimate goal of competing in the New York City Marathon.

Brittany Runs a Marathon is released on November 1st