Felicity-JonesLast night the fifteenth British Independent Film Awards were held in London and we were on hand to interview the nominees, awards presenters and the winners on a fantastic night celebrating the best of British independent film.

Among the winners we spoke to was this year’s recipient of the Richard Harris award, Sir Michael Gambon, Variety award winner Jude Law and Peter Strickland, director of Berberian Sound Studio which took away many of the night’s awards.

We also spoke to the rising stars of the British independent scene. We caught up with the winner of the Best Newcomer Award for his work in the powerful coming of age film My Brother The Devil, James Floyd, as well as Andrea Riseborough who won her Best Actress award for Shadow Dancer.

Other interviews we conducted include those with Harry Treadaway, Peter Capaldi, award winner (the always lovely) Olivia Colman, Holliday Grainger & James Norton, Felicity Jones, John Hurt, Rufus Sewell,Rufus Norris & Eloise Laurence and many others.

It was a wonderful night and an important spotlight on the sterling work of the talent and creative force the British independent scene has to offer. You can see the complete list of winners here, and check out the red carpet interviews we conducted here.

Stefan Pape is our man at the BIFAs, his interviews are collected below and will update as they are edited and come online.

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