Now more than ever we feel the influence of the world’s biggest movies in our lives. Relentless marketing and a keen eye for a movie tie-in means that kids in particular want to immerse themselves in the films they love.
They want to walk in a world where cars can talk, where animals break into song and, especially this:  to live (and sing) in harmony with princesses who live in icy castles and possess special powers. While transforming your child’s bedroom into a real ice palace isn’t exactly practical there are other ways to recreate the experience. If you are thinking about giving your child’s bedroom a makeover, here are a few ideas to consider.


Frozen is Disney’s most popular film in years, proving that kids will never tire of old-fashioned fairy tales. Little girls and boys the world over fell in love with the story, and are no doubt clamouring for a Frozen-themed bedroom. Start with a Frozen duvet set like this one from Argos and paint the walls in icy blue to match. White snowflake accessories, a sack of carrots (optional) and, a must-have item, a plush Olaf. Radiators must be switched off.

Another recent winner from Disney was The Princess and the Frog, a wonderful return to the world of hand-drawn animation. The story is set in the marshes of New Orleans, so green would be a good choice for the walls and carpet.

Image 2

This mural from Photowall will make your child feel as if their bedroom opens out on to a beautiful scene from the movie. The mural showcases the blue lanterns which feature in the film and are relatively cheap to buy. Likewise – lanterns feature heavily in Tangled, but the bedroom refit for this film is only suitable if you live in a very tall tower.

Image 3One of the most popular Disney films is Cars and if you are going for this particular theme the black and white checked border will evoke the look of a racing flag. And this is a must – a Lightning McQueen bed. If they did these in adult sizes bachelors across the world would yell a sad whoop of joy.

If your child likes going to the aquarium as much as watching Disney films, how about a Finding Nemo theme? Paint the walls ocean blue and get some Finding Nemo wall stickers to put up around the room. Or if Monsters Inc. is their favourite then a few fuzzy friends under the bed is a must.

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Don’t forget the classic Disney films – kids still love Mickey Mouse and this is a particularly good theme for slightly older kids. Take a look at this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed bedroom for ideas, it’s perfect for little Disney fans who are growing up fast.

Image 5

Or imagine waking up every morning to Kermit and his friends.

Image Credit: La Petite Magazine

Finally, if you want to recreate that authentic 80s movie bedroom feel then look no further than the wonderful Movie Bedroom Breakdown from Branded in the 80s for some excellent pointers.