In a world where there are humans, elves and orcs living together, anything can happen and just about everything does. The only difference though between Bright and Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings is that the orcs are semi-decent to look at and are almost accepted into society. However, in this case they’re seen as pretty much the bad guys.

In the city of Los Angeles, Officer Ward (Will Smith) and his orc partner Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton) who happens to be the only orc in the police force, are simply doing their job by responding to an emergency call. From then on, all hell breaks loose and there’s magic wands, death, violence and amongst all that is a tonne of comical humour.

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Directed by David Ayer and with a funky and upbeat 21st century soundtrack, the opening credits gets you excited for the next 118 minutes. What’s not funny about Will Smith wearing a dressing gown and swatting a fairy with a broomstick? – In this fantasy version, somehow fairies are portrayed as pests and are easily executed.

Bright - Will Smith & Joel Edgerton

Bright combines fantasy with hard-hitting cop drama with the additional sprinkle of societal issues, (by featuring playground-like-bullying to Jakoby just because he’s the only orc in the team. Hello diversity interracial issues).

The concept behind the story is unique and not what you see in an everyday movie. It’s original, and even though it’s a bit too long winded, it’s more than just a cop movie. Will Smith and Joel Edgerton make a cracking pair and together the comedy is endless. Each of them fire one liners that make you laugh from start to finish… even when you’re in the middle of watching a violent scene where there’s sudden unforeseen deaths. You’re filled with every emotion when watching this film but with twists and turns throughout, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with what’s going on.