When in London promoting her latest production, taking a starring role in Kong: Skull Island, the recent Academy Awards was still on the mind, with Brie Larson in attendance, presenting the Best Actor accolade to Casey Affleck. We were intrigued, a year on, how her own career has changed since the memorable night when she picked up the award for her turn in Room.

“Things like Captain Marvel and directing a film, they have direct correlations to the accolades I received for Room,” she explained. “But the funny part about it is that a huge part of my life is still the same, I still question whether or not I’m a good actor, whether I’m a good person doing enough in bringing more peace and beauty to the world. I still have the same friends and the same family. It’s funny cos in some ways there are things that have changed a lot but the majority is just the same, I’m the same person.”

Brie Larson - Kong: Skull IslandKong: Skull Island could not be further away that what is deemed an ‘awards film’ but that doesn’t take away from its unwavering commitment to entertainment, as Larson tells us what initially attracted her to the project, and the accessibility in preaching positive messages through the blockbuster genre.

She also discusses the lack of female representation in cinema, and talks briefly on her directorial debut Unicorn Store, and we try our very best to get a little bit of information on Captain Marvel – but she’s far too wise to fall for that.

Kong: Skull Island is released in UK cinemas on March 9th. You can read our review of the film here.