2016 has been a strange year for films, with movies many of us expected to be billion dollar smash hits this time last year proving to be disappointments both critically and financially.

Some are even calling this summer’s blockbuster season the worst ever, though one release which fared better than anyone could have expected is Bridget Jones’s Baby. As of today, it’s the biggest movie of 2016 in the UK, a feat which means it has surpassed The Jungle Book and popular superhero adaptations like Captain America: Civil War and Batman v Superman.

With a haul of $46.27 million, Bridget Jones’s Baby is also the biggest romantic comedy ever released on this side of the pond, and while it didn’t perform quite as strongly in North America with $24 million, the movie is still on course to be a hit at the worldwide box office.

There, it’s accumulated $193 million, a figure which may pale in comparison to some of the other releases listed above, but a fantastic result for a comedy marketed towards a female audience which came out years after the previous instalment (had the gap not been so big, there’s a strong chance it would have performed better, particularly in North America).

What does this mean for the future of Bridget Jones? That remains to be seen, but there are already rumblings that Working Title is mulling over a fourth instalment in the franchise!