Breaking Bad is one of the great TV shows of all time. Its tale of a cancer-stricken chemistry teacher turned renegade drug kingpin was beautifully told by creator Vince Gilligan over the course of five seasons. Gilligan returned to television with a prequel series, Better Call Saul, focusing on the nascent criminality of lawyer Jimmy McGill, better known to Breaking Bad fans as Saul Goodman. Now, a sequel to both series is in production, believed to be centering itself on a question fans have had since the end credits of Breaking Bad’s finale: what happened to Jesse Pinkman?

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The reports circulating over the last 24 hours appear to confirm that Aaron Paul will return in his career-making role as Walter White’s greatest student. The movie is believed to follow on directly from Pinkman’s escape from his captors thanks to the intervention of White, in a final act of kindness. In a reversal of broadcasting fortunes the film will hit Netflix first before running on AMC, the series’ original home.

Many Breaking Bad fans were worried that Better Call Saul would tarnish the creative legacy of the series. However Gilligan and Netflix proved that they are firmly in the bottled lightning business, and with a new chapter in the story on the horizon – business is booming.