It is a blessing and a curse to have seen the finished version of Kick-Ass movie. I feel very lucky to have seen the film yet I am bound by embargo and cannot talk about my feelings towards the film, which is exactly what I want to do, because Kick-Ass, if nothing else, will provoke debate.

The good people at Titan Books sent me a copy of what is often referred to as a Movie tie-in, but Kick-Ass Creating the comic, Making the Movie is so much more than that. While the on-set photos and film stills will entice the avid Kick-Ass devotee it is the story told by the main players in the Kick-Ass story which makes this essential reading.

Mark Millar, who wrote the Kick-Ass comic book has a lot to say about his initial ideas and the conversations and emails he had with director Matthew Vaughn and scriptwriter Jane Goldman are reproduced here, and the journey from thought to page, and page to screen is told with honesty and a sharp sense of humour.

The book’s main selling point will be the exclusive look at many of the sets, characters and production stills which litter this book. Anyone wanting a sneak peak at the movie will pour over the collision of original comic book art and the photos on offer.

There is concept art, rejected character designs and very early mind maps from the inception of this most violent and subversive of comic book properties. All of the main actors give their take on casting, costumes, stunts and the over the top violence of the material, and there is a tangible love for the project which comes through on every page.

If you’re in anyway looking forward to Kick-Ass, or a fan of the comic book this is a great book for you. John Romita Jr.’s artwork is fierce and compelling and you’ll get the chance to see some of the scenes storyboarded out with commentary from the production team.

This is great work, so much more than an extended piece of advertising – it is a lovingly created, outstandingly delivered look into the production of one of the most exciting pieces of work in the comic book world, and will leave you even more excited, if that’s possible, for Kick-Ass the movie.