Did you know that James Bond used eight gadgets and two guns to dispatch nine bad guys in 1964’s seminal 007 film Goldfinger? Or that it was the Bond in Space epic Moonraker that holds the record for the most gadgets used in a James Bond film? Now you can delve deep into each of the 24 Bond films with this handy interactive guide to all things 007.

The film fans at Betway have examined each of the films in detail to bring you this neat gallery of info, including the box office numbers (perhaps unsurprisingly 2012’s Skyfall is the most profitable of the series so far), Bond’s romantic liaisons, cars driven, units of alcohol enjoyed and much, much more.

james bond infographic It’s a testament to the success of the series that the formula of cars, girls and guns can endure for so long. But that’s what you get for heeding the words of D. W. Griffith & Jean-Luc Godard…

We love the Bond films here on HeyUGuys, and we’re very excited to see where Cary Fukunaga takes the series in Bond 25, now that Danny Boyle has left the project.

You can check out the full interactive guide right here, and or look below to enjoy this look back over one of cinema’s true legends.