Since 1999, children of all ages have enjoyed the classic animated series of Bob and his band of vehicle friends to help him build and fix things all over his town.

Today, Bob the Builder is still popular amongst children, with several spin-off shows currently airing domestically and internationally. But fans of the original show will be happy to know that CBeebies and Hit Entertainment have released the first two series in one box set and for under ten pounds, you will be treated to over four hours of stop-motion goodness!

With Neil Morrissey leading a talented cast, Bob the Builder helps to build new buildings and fix things with his assistant Wendy and his vehicles Scoop, Muck, Dizzy, Roley and Lofty to help get his jobs done.

Meanwhile, Spud the scarecrow usually causes mayhem unintentionally while he tries to help out and play with Bob and his friends.

But what makes this characters (and many others that live within the same fictional town) is the number of situations and obstacles that they all encounter to get their jobs completed that really gives each episode a surprising amount of variety. For example, one episode sees Muck being scared of the noises from a nearby drain and another focuses on Wendy being too busy to help Bob, all having a strong and effective focus on teamwork and friendship.

Compared to the other children’s television shows that have had a DVD release, this definitely has a lot more content on offer as there are a total of twenty six episodes. With this DVD being sold at just under ten pounds, this is absolutely worth purchasing for fans of all ages.

No special features have been added, which has come to be expected by now since children will still very much enjoy the high number of episodes on offer.

Overall, this is a great DVD at a good value that fans and children would really enjoy and will easily get hours of entertainment.