This has to go down as some of the oddest news that I’ve ever posted but it was so bizarre that it had to go up! I may now have to go to France just to experience one of these as we see that restaurant ‘Quick’ will be serving both a Darth Vader burger and a Jedi burger which seems to feature Yoda’s teeth?!

This is to celebrate the release of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace which is set to be released (AGAIN!) in 3D later this year. The Darth Vader burger or ‘Dark Vador Burger’ as it’s known in it’s native tongue will feature a completely black bun which either means it’s going to be completely burnt to a crisp or it has more colourings in it than one of those buns that you buys from our local cake shop!

This lovely image promoting the delightful treats tells us the burgers will be available until March 1st so if you’re in France and read this, please send us a photo of you eating one!

I guess since George Lucas has to approve all this Star Wars stuff, they must have sent him one to sample. I am now jealous! UK Star Wars PR peeps (you know who you are!), please can we have this here! PLEASE!! Next thing you know they’ll be turning the BT Tower into a giant lightsaber! Oh wait, they did that!!

Source: Mint In Box via Gizmodo