Billy-Bob-Thornton-in-talks-for-EntourageWith production getting underway earlier in the month, news now surfaces that a new addition is set to join the cast of the anticipated Entourage movie in the form of Billy Bob Thornton.

THR reports that Thornton is in negotiations to join the movie, which will of course reunite the original cast, led by Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Jerry Ferrara, Kevin Dillon, and Jeremy Piven.

Production began as promised on 16th January, with creator Doug Ellin directing from his own script.

Scott Caan and Debi Mazar will be reprising their roles alongside the leading quintet, with Kate Upton reportedly sought for the female lead late last year.

The film is expected to feature the same kind of girl-chasing, larger-than-life party scenes from the original TV series, and will revolve around the making of a big-budget Dracula movie that stars Grenier’s Vincent Chase.

Thornton is set to play the role of a billionaire cowboy-turned-film financier who puts up the money for the Dracula film, sending his twenty-something son to LA to watch over his investment.

No word yet on who that young actor will be, but no doubt Ellin and co. will be filling the film with cameos left, right, and centre.

Mark Wahlberg and Rob Weiss are returning to produce the movie, which has been posited since it was announced the show would come to an end following Season 8.

Needless to say, no word yet on when we can expect Entourage to arrive on the big screen, though you can’t help but feel the film would do well in a summer slot. Summer 2014 will probably be too close a call – though a boy can dream – so pencil in a mental note to watch out for this next year. Time will tell.