Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster is just the beginning of the cinematic love story between Abby & Travis, and to mark its release we had the pleasure in speaking to the former, chatting to Virginia Gardner on Zoom as she talks about the character and project, and what fans can expect of any future projects, with a sequel already in the works.

We spoke about the collaboration process with on-screen partner Dylan Sprouse, as she recounts how they first met, while we ask her if, and why girls prefer the bad boys. Something that we, quite evidently, are not.

Watch the full interview with Virginia Gardner here


College students, Abby and Travis, fall in love after being friends for a while. He doesn’t believe in relationships, just one night stands. Until he meets Abby. This book soon to be movie is about two people with troubled pasts learning to trust one another and change the way they look at things.

Beautiful Disaster is out now.