Battlefield 3 Premium is set to give you all the game’s content over the next nine months for a one time fee, The package will include the already released Back to Karkand and then 4 new expansions, Close Quarters, Armoured Kill, Aftermath and Endgame. You will have access to each of these themed expansions a whole two weeks early.

Among the new themed expansions you will also receive exclusive in-game items, insider tactics from DICE and exclusive events like double XP.

Battlefield 3 Premium is out now for $49.99/£39.99/4000 Microsoft Points. If you are a Playstation 3 player and already have battlefield Premium you can play Close quarters right now. On the PC and Xbox side Close Quarters will release 12 June 2012.

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And as an added bonus we have the Launch Trailer for Close Quarters.

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