Jamie Adams returns after a rather short break, with Balance, Not Symmetry, a film made in collaboration with Scottish band Biffy Clyro. This tale, which focuses in on grief and friendship, all played out to a soundtrack supplied by the aforementioned artists, features two of the most exciting prospects in cinema, in Laura Harrier (BlacKKKlansman) and Bria Vinaite (The Florida Project).

To mark the film’s releases we sat down with the two talented young women, to discuss what it was about this project that enticed them in. They also talk about whether they’re artistically inclined in real life, and on previous projects, and how much they owe to the films they’ve starred in already – with an emphasis on Spider-Man for Harrier. But we look to the future too, and in particular the film BIOS – where Harrier takes a leading role alongside none other than Tom Hanks. To say she’s one to look out for would be an understatement.

Watch the full interview below:


An American student attending Glasgow School of Art has her life upended when her father unexpectedly dies. After the funeral, she leaves her grieving mother behind to finish her third-year studies, but struggles to regain balance in her life.

Balance, Not Symmetry is released in cinemas on August 2nd