Ever since Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan, Pi, Requiem for a Dream) jumped ship from The Wolverine, we have wondered which beach he would finally wash up on. Needless to say, the critical acclaim (and now apparently hefty BO receipts) enjoyed by Black Swan gave Aronofsky some breadth of choice and accordingly, we hear he may team up with George Clooney for a sci-fi project by the name of Human Nature.

The last film we saw with that name featured an exceedingly hirsuite Rhys Ifans, with Michel Gondry and Charlie Kaufman giving us their typically skewed look at humanity. We find ourselves in very different territory this time around, however.

Human Nature is an original sci-fi script by Jeff Welch, which has apparently been knocking around for more than a decade. Welch hasn’t much else at all to his name, but then at one point neither did Tarantino or Kaufman, so let’s not pass judgement too prematurely. The script finds Clooney being cryogenically frozen and waking up to a future where humans are kept as pets. Part Planet of the Apes, part Forever Young, part Austin Powers, part Demolition Man?

In all seriousness, it seems safe to assume that this will be a sincere, prestige piece, hopefully continuing recent examples of serious, ideas-based sci-fi (Moon, Source Code, Monsters), rather than the bombastic spectacle of Transformers, Skyline and its like. Akiva Goldsman is believed to be on producer duties at Warner Bros and is said to be looking at the budget, but if all is well, we might see Aronofsky and Clooney back in this genre for the first time since The Fountain and Solaris.

Source: Vulture.

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