predatorsUnlikely as it seems the Governator may possibly be taking the fight to the crab headed killing machines in Robert Rodriguez and Nimrod Antal’s Predators.

There’s a script review from Latino Review (check it out here via AICN) and amongst the superlatives and details of the characters, Predators and the epic violent clashes there’s a small part in the script for a returning character. Considering the end of the first film there’s little doubt who that might be…

Bringing Arnold back would be a great nod to the original film and I think it would be great to see the once fierce one man army sitting behind a desk barking orders. Let’s see if official duties (or lack thereof) allow the big man to face off against his old friends.

Also, via /Film comes the news that Rodriguez favourite Danny Trejo will be dropping his bloody Machete once filming on the Grindhouse spin-off is complete and taking up arms as part of Predators. If Rodriguez and Antal give the sci-fi gorefest a Grindhouse edge I’ll be happy – this is B-movie making at its best.