Now that he is done being all Governor-y, Arnie is getting back into the swing of making action films quite nicely. As we’ve posted recently, he has been on set with The Expendables 2 and is also already shooting The Last Stand, which is being directed by Jee-Woon Kim.

Now we have news that Arnie has lined up another action flick for once The Last Stand is finished. Working from a script by Skip Woods (who wrote the screenplay for the recently green-lit Die Hard 5), Scott Waugh and Mike McCoy will direct the Austrian Oak in Black Sands, a film being pitched as High Plains Drifter meets Man on Fire. Frankly, if the finished product can come even vaguely close to the quality of either of those films, I will be a happy man indeed. Arnie will play a loner (no doubt armed to the teeth and with some sort of Special Forces background) who takes on the private army of a weapons manufacturer in the South West of the USA.

Shooting isn’t due to commence until next April, before when Arnie will presumably wrap up The Last Stand and toy further with the oft-mooted Predator, True Lies &c. sequels. It is indeed heartening to see Arnie getting enthusiastically stuck into action thrillers again. I’d always found his dalliances with comedy and family-friendly fare altogether unsatisfying and it can only be hoped that he will keep blowing stuff up for as long as his body can handle the rigours.

Source: Deadline.

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