The first teaser for Aaron Sim’s sci-fi short Archetype has gone live over at Twitch Film – and it really is a sight to behold.

With over 25 years experience working for the likes of Steven Spielberg, Zack Snyder and Martin Campbell in the role of creature/conceptual designer – and having thus contributed to such films as War of the Worlds, The Incredible Hulk, Clash of the Titans and Sucker Punch – Sim is finally trying his hand at directing.

Charting the endeavours of a robot seeking to regain his (its?) lost humanity, Archetype is to be produced through the director’s own company and visual effects outfit, fittingly dubbed Archetype VFX.

“RL7 is an eight foot tall combat robot. Only problem is he’s starting to remember once being human. Now on the run from an all powerful corporation that will stop at nothing to destroy him RL7 desperately searches for the truth behind his mysterious memories before it’s too late.”

Starring CSI veteran Robert Joy and Heroes’ David Anders, and set to the beat of John Murphy’s “Surface of the Sun”,  Archetype’s astonishing teaser trailer is every bit as impressive as that of any of its feature length peers.

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Archetype is set for completion in Spring of this year.