Anton Yelchin (Star Trek) is attached to star as the titular character in supernatural adventure romance Odd Thomas.

Odd Thomas is an upcoming feature film adaptation of Dean Koontz’ horror novel. Stephen Sommers (The Mummy) will direct from a script he wrote himself.

Odd Thomas is silently approached by the ghost of a young girl brutally raped and murdered, and through his unique ability to understand the dead, is psychically led to her killer, a former schoolmate named Harlo Landerson. With this opening, we are introduced to Odd’s world. Koontz soon discloses how Odd was named and begins, layer by layer, to show how Odd’s dysfunctional upbringing has shaped his life, and as those details are uncovered, his supernatural abilities begin to make more sense.

Fusion Films are financing the production.

Yelchin will next be seen in dark comedy The Beaver, alongside Jodie Foster (Panic Room), Mel Gibson (Signs) and Jennifer Lawrence (Winter’s Bone).

Source: Bloody-Disgusting