MAN ON A LEDGE - Jamie Bell and Elizabeth Banks More pictures from Asger Leth’s Man on a Ledge for you today, and there are men, woman and ledges on offer here so that’s plenty for everyone.

Sam Worthington is the titualr Man on a Ledge and the film also stars Elizabeth Banks?, Jamie Bell?, Ed Harris? and Anthony Mackie?, some of whom can be seen below. We here in the UK have until the 3rd of February next year to wait to see if the man stays on the ledge or not.

Here’s a more than adequate synopsis to tease and tantlise.

Nick Cassidy (Worthington) was an honest cop. Now he’s in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Desperate, he seizes the first chance to escape. Hours later, he is freshly shaven in an expensive suit, standing on a window ledge high above New York City. As a crowd gathers below, police cordon off the area and agree to Nick’s request to speak with pretty police negotiator Lydia Anderson (Banks). But Lydia doesn’t know that she is part of his grand plan, a plan that could give them both a second chance.

Speaking quietly into a lapel microphone, Nick coordinates the high-tech theft of a $30 million diamond—the same diamond he was convicted of stealing. It’s the only way he can prove his innocence, but he needs Lydia’s help—and he’s running out of time. When his identity is exposed, a SWAT team positions itself on the roof, read to take him out.  Lydia isn’t sure he’s telling the truth, but if he really was set up for the diamond heist, it had to be an inside job, which means at least one of the cops on the scene wants Nick dead. With SWAT about to move, cops destroying the evidence that could save him and nowhere to go but down, Nick’s chances of survival are getting slimmer by the minute.

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