Steven Spielberg will be returning to the big screen with Lincoln, another strong awards contender to follow War Horse and The Adventures of Tintin, both of which went to the Oscars earlier this year.

After that, he’ll be bringing us another blockbuster of a sci-fi/action film in Robopocalypse, which Chris Hemsworth is reported to be in talks to star as the male lead.

And now it looks like the film could be one step closer to casting its female lead, with THR reporting that Anne Hathaway is circling the role. The talks are thought to be in the early stages, so there’s no confirmation yet. But it will be interesting to see what she’ll take on next following the immense success of The Dark Knight Rises, and with Les Misérables expected to do very well this winter.

Tom Rothman, who surprised everyone by announcing his exit as chairman of Fox as of 1st January, is now set to produce the film, housed at DreamWorks, which Fox and Disney will distribute.

The ever-brilliant Drew Goddard (Cloverfield, The Cabin in the Woods) has penned the script, adapting the best-selling novel of the same name by Daniel H. Wilson, which has the following synopsis, courtesy of Waterstones:

“Roughly twenty years from now, our technological marvels unite and turn against us. A childlike but massively powerful artificial intelligence known as Archos comes online…and kills the man who created it. This first act of betrayal leads Archos to gain control over the global network of machines and technology that regulates everything from transportation to utilities, defence and communications. In the early months, sporadic glitches are noticed by a handful of unconnected humans – from a senator and single mother disconcerted by her daughter’s “smart” toys, to a lonely Japanese bachelor, to an isolated U.S. soldier – but most are unaware of the growing rebellion until it is far too late. Then, in the span of minutes, at a moment known later in history as Zero Hour, every mechanical device in our world rebels, setting off the Robot War that both decimates and – for the first time in history – unites humankind.”

Hathaway was absolutely brilliant as Catwoman this summer in Christopher Nolan’s conclusion to his Batman trilogy, and is nothing short of fantastic in everything she does.

We heard earlier this year that she’s hoping to lead and produce indie film, Song One, and as yet there’s been no more word on that, but here’s to hoping it’s still in the pipeline, and might go in front of cameras next year.

Robopocalypse is currently set for release around the world on 25th April, 2014, and will begin principal photography early next year. For now, here’s the official press release announcing Rothman coming on board as producer. More as we get it.

“Los Angeles, CA(September 24, 2012) – Tom Rothman will come on board to produce the science fiction epic, “Robopocalypse,” it was announced today by Stacey Snider, Partner and Co-Chairman of DreamWorks Studios. Steven Spielberg is set to also produce and direct the DreamWorks and Twentieth Century Fox co-production.

The film will begin principal photography in early 2013 and will be released on April 25, 2014 day and date worldwide. The Walt Disney Studio’s Touchstone Pictures will distribute the film domestically via its Touchstone Pictures with Twentieth Century Fox handling international distribution.

Exploring the fate of the human race following a robot uprising, “Robopocalypse” has been adapted for the screen by Drew Goddard, based on the novel of the same name by Daniel H. Wilson. DreamWorks acquired the rights to Wilson’s unpublished manuscript in November 2009. Published by Doubleday on June 8, 2011, the book soon appeared on the New York Times Best Sellers list.

Said Steven Spielberg, “When someone like Tom is a free agent, you snatch him up fast. He has proven himself to be a necessity of this industry. At Fox he had already been an enthusiastic partner on ‘Robopocalypse,’ and it is to our advantage that he would come produce this film with me. Tom has been a wonderful friend and colleague over the years and DreamWorks is incredibly lucky to have him on board.”

Said Tom Rothman, “If you are in politics, you dream of a call from the White House, in baseball, from the Yankees, in movies, from Steven Spielberg. ‘Robopocalypse’ is the kind of important epic entertainment, a big movie with big ideas, that Steven does better than anyfilmmaker on earth. I am honored beyond measure that he asked for my help on it and fired up to do whatever I can for him, Stacey, the outstanding DreamWorks team, and all of my friends at Fox. I enjoyed the idea of being unemployed for a week, but this will be way more fun.”

Said Stacey Snider, “Tom was a fantastic studio chairman and his impeccable taste and passion for films will serve Steven, DreamWorks and this film well.”

Tom Rothman recently resigned after 18 years at Twentieth Century Fox, the last 12 as Chairman and CEO. His transition will take place over the remainder of the year. Fox films made during his tenure earned over $30 billion at the worldwide box office, were nominated for over 100 Academy Awards, and won three Best Picture Oscars.”