The Conjuring spin-off, The Nun has only been in cinema’s a week, but the ever-expanding horror franchise shows no signs of the slowing down. With the third Annabelle film about to head into production, a few details have been revealed by the film’s screenwriter on it’s setting.

During an interview with Cinema Blend, Gary Dauberman revealed that the third outing would be set between the ending of the first Conjuring but before the second. It will also venture into the homes of paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, who are played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga.

“This is the Warrens picking up where they bring Annabelle home after we see that in The Conjuring after they visit the nurses’ apartment. It happens a little while after that, so they bring it home and they’re aware of the doll’s evil, and sort of worry about her presence among the other artefacts. So before Conjuring 2, after [the beginning of] Conjuring.”

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Although, he wouldn’t confirm whether Ed or Lorraine would feature he did stipulate due to his inspiration for the script came from own experience of missing home whilst filming in Romania.

“you know, you get homesick from being away from family, and that really kind of informed my creative direction for this movie. It’s the artefact room; it’s the Warren’s house so it’s sort of in suburbia… For me, it’s sort of bringing the franchise back home and then bringing in sort of the idea of a horror movie happening inside the Warren’s house where there’s this room in their basement that houses all these kinds of evil and horror. So we kind of have a lot of fun and a lot of scares with that”.

To date, The Conjuring and it’s various spin-offs haven’t kept to any form of regimented timeline. With The Conjuring set in 1971 and it’s sequel in 1977, Annabelle 3 would be set within the 6 year period.

The film is set to go into production October 2018 in Los Angeles