Anna Kendrick is in negotiations to star as the wife of Jake Gyllenhaal in upcoming cop drama, End of Watch, Variety reports.

Also in negotiations is Natalie Martinez, who would play the role of Michael Peña’s wife.

End of Watch has been written and is to be directed by David Ayer, who wrote the Academy Award-winning Training Day and co-wrote The Fast and the Furious’ screenplay, and who has shown with Harsh Times and Street Kings that he’s got great talent behind the camera too.

The film follows,

“The longtime partnership of two LAPD officers [Gyllenhaal and Peña] as they confront marriage, love, fatherhood and the harsh realities of the Los Angeles streets. Kendrick and Martinez will play the officers’ love interest.”

Kendrick, last seen in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World as Michael Cera’s sister, is a rising star also to be seen in 2009’s Oscar-nominated Up in the Air, and a role like this is definitely something to look forward to from her. I’m a big fan of Gyllenhaal’s too, and I think they’d make a great on-screen couple, which is a necessity in a film in which the cops’ home lives play an important role too.

Fans of the Twilight saga can look forward to seeing Kendrick return as Jessica Stanley in Breaking Dawn – Part 1 in November this year. And she’ll also be starring opposite Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, and Bryce Dallas Howard in 50/50, which is due out on the same day as Breaking Dawn, so with some great films lined up for herself, we can hopefully expect to see more and more of Kendrick as her popularity rises.

Filming on End of Watch is expected to begin over the summer, and I’m already excited about the finished product. Ayer is exceptionally talented, and if it’s released next year, it will be the first film he’s directed in four years, and the first he’s written in seven, so I can’t wait to see what he’s been working on in his absence.